International HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION IHRC works with development Partners, goverments and non-governmental organizations ( NGOs)

Under the Protocol to Prevent, Repress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, recruitment, transportation, purchase, sale, accommodation or fostering of a child for exploitation are considered child trafficking. It is a violation of their rights, their well-being that deprives them of the opportunity to make the most of their abilities. While a recent study has provided information on the nature of child trafficking, the extent of the phenomenon remains unclear. According to the 2002 estimate of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the figure of 1.2 million children trafficked each year. International HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION IHRC works with development partners, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in West Africa in general and Niger in particular on all aspects of the fight against child trafficking: prevention, protection and prosecution. The organization supports evidence-based research to strengthen these interventions. In an effort to reduce vulnerabilities that expose children to trafficking, theHRC is helping governments strengthen relevant legislation, policies and services, such as reviewing legislative reforms, setting minimum labour law standards, and promoting support for access to education. Protecting trafficked children requires being able to identify them in a timely manner, place them in a safe environment, provide them with social assistance, health care, psychological support, and reintegrate them into their families and communities, if it is proven to be in the best interests of children. IHRC is helping by supporting the training of professionals working with children: health professionals, police and customs officers to effectively combat trafficking in Niger. In addition, the organization helps Governments in Niger set standards for combating child trafficking, for example by selecting and training responsible staff in child-friendly maintenance techniques.
Ambassador at Large
Romanos A.Raad