Global Peace Ambassador of IHRC Ersin Faikzade, wrote this historical book.

Great success, Faikzade boldly wrote what no one had written before. The most curious woman of the 20th century. The sad life of Princess Süreyya, the Most Beautiful Queen of the Century. The biographical book, that will be a light to the recent history has been published.
Ersin Faikzade has researched and collected archives for this novel for 20 years. Spain, Italy, Turkey, France and hoarded archives in England.
You can go on a dream-filled journey from the 50’s, 60’s to the 2000’s. You will witness many events and important figures of world history. This novel will soon become a bestseller, millions waited for its release. The premiere gala will be held in America. IT WILL TOUCH YOUR HEARTS, A NOVEL AWAITED BY THE WHOLE WORLD.
The book will be published under the official patronage of the Secretary General International Human Rights Commission prof. h.c. Rafał Marcin WASIK.

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