IHRC Global Peace Ambassador Ersin Faikzade’s during „Love and Peace Conferance”

The world-renowned international success, with humanitarian projects and spectacular concerts.
World Peace Ambassador Artist Ersin Faikzade gave a seminar at Iskenderun Yükseliş College to inspire and inform young people about their international achievements. Faikzade, who was very happy with the intense interest and questions of the students, informed the young people from Atatürk, Mevlana, humanity and love, respect to mother and father, and the love-themed wide network he established around the world.
High school students had a long conversation with Ersin Faikzade, to whom the young people showed great interest and love, and asked their questions.
He is considered by the authorities as one of the most powerful voices in the world. He has devoted his voice and his loving heart to the sick and needy people. It also serves as a bridge between east and west with what it does. East and West, because you can see it working in a charity in Pakistan in the middle of Asia or organizing morale days for the patients in the hospital in Paraguay at the very end of the world, and in Chile giving concerts for humanity..

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