Report from Bamenda on a Rape Eductive Mission. The team of IHRC from Chad and Cameroon.

This mission which took place on Saturday 26 September 2020 at the Presbytery Church Mforya a local community in the Bafut Subdivision of the North West Region of Cameroon under the Theme: INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHT COMMISSION: EDUCATING YOUTHS AND CHILDREN IN THE FIGHT AGAINST RAPE.

This Seminar which started at 10:00am brought over 50 participant comprising of reasoning children and youths.

The participants were brief on the motive of such a seminar and were made to know that it was holding under the umbrella of the IHRC.

We then moved to the main point of the day which was lecture on Rape. Participants were made to understand what rape is all about, those most likely to be exposed to rape, experiences gotten from rape, the causes of rape, Consequences of rape, how to privent rape and how report rape cases, and lastly where to go to if raped. The lecture session ended with a series of questions and answers from the participants and facilitators.

An oral interview was conducted with some participants as they share their satisfaction. I quote one of them “am so happy and thankful that I was able to a part of this meeting. I have learn a lot from it and please I beg that such meetings should be organized frequently so that we can really put out this acts of rape in our community…”

The seminar that lasted for close to two an a half hour ended with a vote of thanks from the participants.

The Multi Nationale Coordinator of IHRC (Hiroua Goare Bienvenu)

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  1. Great work IHRC thanks for being an example and motivator to this kids. This global village is turning into something else so we need more people like you to impact wisdom and creat awareness to this children . Good work


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