IHRC Press Release
Delta State
August 27th, 2020.

Cultism and Drug Abuse: A Threat to National Peace and Security.

The need for Nigeria youths to rise to the occasion of leadership and shun social vices is unavoidably important in national building.
The International Human Rights Commission has expressed dissatisfaction with the deplorable state occasioned by cult clashes in Delta State.
In a statement released by Fidelis Onakpoma, IHRC ZVC in the Niger Delta said that many reasons have been adduced for the high prevalence of drug abuse and cultism among the youth.

Cultism and drug abuse among Nigerian Youth is a threat to national peace and national security.
Cultism has become the most potent cause of insecurity in our schools and society.
Cultism in our society plays a major role in increasing the level of thugs’ activities among Nigerian youths.
This is playing out practically before our very eyes and we can no longer pretend that all is well.

To curb this menace, the Commission, however, commended efforts of the law enforcement agencies and other major characters from the State Government fulfilling their responsibilities in restoring peace and security to our society through creating awareness and providing holistic modeling for young people and clearly submitted the following strategies to curb this menace:

  1. The government and non-government agencies including social media should step up their campaigns against cultism and its destructive tendencies.
  2. The evil nature of cultism should be explained to young people in schools at all levels through sensitization, seminars, workshops, symposiums, posters, handbills, and public lectures.
  3. Parents are not left behind. They should desist from being members of secret cults and also prevent their children from joining bad groups.
  4. They should be vigilant concerning the activities of their children within and outside the home.
  5. There should be a reformation in religious and moral instructions and education.
  6. The church should be spiritually reawakened and support the social crusade against cultism.
  7. Our school authorities must show their readiness and determination to eradicate cultism
  8. They must brace up to the challenges of cultism, which has become a potent evil in recent times.
  9. Let the fear of God be inculcated into their lives because the fear of God gives truthful and beneficial behaviour to anyone.

Stating further, the Commission has pledged solidarity to create awareness on the issues of cultism and drug abuse in the Niger Delta for sustainable peace and development.

Fidelis Onakpoma
IHRC ZVC Niger Delta.

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